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Marbella - Audi e-tron World Premier

The all-new, fully-electric Audi e-tron was designed to integrate technology with the thrill of driving. It features Alexa integration and an intelligent route planner that knows where and when to charge. Tested to perform like an Audi it’s bringing mobility into the future. Electric has gone Audi, Premiered in Marbella.

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Asset Folio's Guide To......

We get asked a lot about the process of building a villa in Spain... Understand the rules and regulations in relation to building in Spain is essential to avoid surprises. Before buying and building a Spanish villa, you should understand the quirks of the Spanish property market to avoid any pitfalls. Read our complete guide before making this big move!

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Airbnb vs. Hotels - What Factors Are Influencing Travelers' Decision?

Join the travel generation. Not only has modern technology put thousands of cheap flights at our fingertips, but we have the opportunity to sleep at the most quirky, luxurious or frankly odd places in the world. So, what are we taking into consideration when deciding whether to book a hotel room or someone else's home?

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Understanding value in real estate market

What sets Asset Folio apart in a highly competitive market place? We understand the value of real estate and are able to pass this information on to our clients.

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Look at the difference a professional photograph makes...

If you look at the difference between photos taken by a professional and ones taken by brokers/agents with mobile phones or even digital cameras, it's not hard to see that you get what you pay for. Professional photographers use professional equipment, have the skills set to use it and they have a trained eye for making your home look its best. This is their job, they're professionals.

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The Spanish Market Strengthens With Domestic Demand

The latest available figures suggest that domestic demand is growing faster than that from foreigners.

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