The Surreal Fantasy Architecture Created by Dionisio González in Málaga

by Thomas Harper

Born in northern Spain, Dionisio González is a multidisciplinary artist based in Seville. He reinvents landscape, spaces, and their social drifts. Concerned with contemporary modes of dwelling, the relationship between humans and nature, and the social wreck, he creates reactive and propositional works, inventions which allow us to imagine new realities where chaos and beauty coexist, accompanied by a powerful conceptual and theoretical message that articulates the possibility of creating a better, more habitable place.

In his works, he offers ideas of what these structures, buildings, homes, and houses might have been, or should have been according to his way of thinking, his truth. A preoccupation with spaces and light was evident in his early installations, but he soon gravitated towards the use of photography as a tool for further exploring that spatial concept and architecture became his primary interest.

Malaga's Contemporary Art Center hosts the exhibition PARRHESIA AND PLACE”. A beautiful and striking show consisting of nearly one hundred photographs, videos, photo-sculptures, holographic volumes and scale models from the last decade of the artist’s career, in which architecture, design, and photography intertwine. González reinvents suburban landscapes and situations in Amsterdam, Hanoi, Brazilian favelas, Dauphin Island and Central Park, using new digital technologies applied to the images.

A must-see exhibition for anyone who's around Málaga and likes design and architecture. See some of the artist's works below...

Dauphin Island

'Le Corbusier: The Last Project'. A reflection on utopia, survival and destruction through twenty unrealised projects by the architect Le Corbusier.

Halong Bay

Cartografias para Remoçao - A favela in Brazil

The exhibition is happening until the 21st of April of 2019 and for more information about the exhibition, visit CAC Málaga website here.

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