The Art of Concierge

by Thomas Harper

Asset Folio exists to help our clients fulfil their property ownership dreams - and their investment objectives. Exceeding client expectation is our core objective…….so when Asset Folio sought a partner to provide concierge services here in the Costa del Sol region, we looked for people who were able to routinely create memorable experiences for our clients.

A concierge story that encapsulates what we wanted for our clients goes something like this: A guest told a concierge, “Your cheeseburgers are really great here. I want you to send one to my brother who lives in Bahrain. And oh yes, I want it to arrive hot.” The concierge’s response was: “Would that be cheddar or blue, sir?"

Whenever Asset Folio is looking for people to collaborate with we want those who have the "cheddar-or-blue mindset."  For our Concierge Service we only wanted the best: geniuses and magicians in the art of lifestyle management.

Otium, the Asset Folio Concierge Team, are known for their exacting quality and professionalism. They offer 24-7-365 service, speak 8 languages and are prepared to go further than the extra mile. Whilst in the Costa del Sol, whether you need personal assistance, home management, travel arrangement or leisure entertainment, we have a team that elevate their craft to the level of art. You can have access to experiences that will be limited only by your imagination.

Once you become a member, our concierge team will set out to understand your unique motivations and use this knowledge to showcase services you may value.

Typically, concierge companies will bill on an hourly rate, and depending upon the type of task, fees can fluctuate drastically. Our team bill a flat monthly fee based upon the number of requests a member is allowed to place each month. The Gold Membership which comes at 50€ a month, amongst many other services, gives 4 complimentary airport transfers, 20% discount to access Puerto Banus (incl. Parking), and 10% discount to El Corte Ingles. For an additional of 200€ a month, the team will deal with your every request: from getting last minute dinner reservations in an overbooked restaurant to arranging a personal chef and butler for you. Absolutely everything is possible. Arranging a trip in a private jet, organising a golf or polo tournament, and meeting a Spanish La Liga football team are all things that we have done in the past. We make sure that needs and expectations are always satisfied, if not surpassed. Ultimately, it is a commitment to always saying “yes” that makes the difference between Asset Folio’s concierge team and everyone else. You will never hear, “You want what? We can’t do that!”, but instead benefit from the “cheddar or blue?” frame of mind. We master collaboration and believe in success through teamwork and partnership.

When "no" and negativity are so prevalent in the world, the Asset Folio concierge is, indeed, a welcome haven. Making it personal (while not taking anything too personally) is a powerful tool. We harness the power of "yes" and make miracles happen. It's what we do. We give you the passport to life.

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