Discover Marbella's old town

by Thomas Harper

If you are visiting Marbella you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy the impressive conservation of its historic and cultural heritage. Every corner of Marbella’s old town is filled with typical Andalucian character. The whitewashed streets, flower-adorned balconies and squares add to the personality of the town that dates back to the Roman period.

These are just some things to see:

Plaza de los Naranjos:

This square is located in the heart of Marbella’s old town. It was opened in 1485, after the Christian conquest of the city. It is framed by characteristic Andalusian white houses and three historic buildings: the Town Hall, the Casa del Corregidor and the Ermita de Santiago. A Renaissance fountain is located in the centre of the square, surrounded by orange trees.

Alcazaba Castle:

The castle is the most important vestige of the Muslim civilization that has been preserved in the historic centre of Marbella. It is thought to have been built in the 10th century at the time of Abd al-Rahman III, in order to control the territory and serve as surveillance and coastal defense.

Plaza Puente Ronda:

This colourful and ambient square was originally one of the city’s three entrances when it was fortified. It is situated at the beginning of Calle Ancha and it was the road where visitors from the north of the province would enter the city.

Plaza de la Victoria:

Plaza de la Victoria is one of the main entrances to Marbella’s old town. It is the perfect place to chat over a drink or browse the range of gift shops. It is renowned for the leafiness of its large trees, along with the fountain that occupies the centre of the square.

Parque de La Alameda:

The Alameda Park has been the pride of Marbella for a long time. This enormous green area, the true lung of the city, dates back to the 18th century and once occupied an area of 20,000 m2 (20% of the urban nucleus). There is a small botanic garden in the park and it is a great place for meeting with friends and family.

Calle Ancha:

Calle Ancha is one of the main roads in Marbella’s old town and is a great place to browse boutique shops and sample one of its many restaurants. It is arguably one of Marbella’s prettiest streets with its flowers that that decorate the walls.

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