Some of the best places for tapas in Malaga

by Thomas Harper

Whether you are out as a couple, with family or friends, it is customary in Spain to stop for a drink and a Spanish delicacy, also known as tapas.

A round of tapas is the ideal way to round off any day of the week. Hot or cold, this small delicacy is so typical of Spain and is the perfect solution when your group can't decide what to eat.

Tapas are small plates of food served with a drink. The word “tapa” is derived from the Spanish word tapar which means “to cover”. One theory regarding the origin of this popular snack is that King Alfonso XIII once travelled to Cádiz on a windy day and stopped at a bar. The bartender put a slice of ham over the King’s drink to keep the dust out. The story goes that that King enjoyed this so much he ordered another drink. Others argue that tapas were created to veil the strong smell of a cheap wine or to keep the flies out. Whatever the story, we can all agree that tapas are tasty! But not all places serve good tapas.

So to help you find those that do offer exceptional tapas, we have selected 5 of the best restaurants in Malaga that serve these Spanish morsels.

Casa Lola

A traditional bar that never disappoints. There are five different restaurants scattered across the Centre of Malaga (C/ Granada, C/ Strachan and Plaza Uncibay) and two in Marbella. The key to these restaurants is that you eat well without having to break the bank. All tapas are delicious including the Russian salad and Iberian mini-burger.

La Pechá

An authentic Malaga bar situated in the heart of the Soho neighborhood. It is a tiny, bar so it can sometimes be difficult to get a table or space at the bar. The wide range of tapas includes Russian salad with fried egg-flavored mayonnaise and smoked sardine toast with payoyo cheese. The food in La Pechá is cheap and portion sizes are large.

Tabanco Mitjana

This bar is ideally located on Calle Ángel. Service is efficient and staff are friendly. They offer a wide range of tapas including broken eggs, croquettes and meatballs. If you are visiting the centre of Malaga and fancy a tasty snack, this is the place for you.


This bar is situated on Calle José Iturbi. A wide variety of tapas are available here, from crispy prawns to camembert cheese. Despite the name suggesting otherwise, the restaurant also offers other types of food in larger quantities.

María Tormentos

This beautiful and charming venue on Avenida de Gregorio Prieto, is very small. Its success is centred on its variety of sandwiches which sell for just €2.50. The wide variety of tapas available means there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

Whichever of these restaurants you to choose to visit in Malaga, you won’t be disappointed. Each offers a unique interpretation of the traditional Spanish tapa.

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