We’re building a Unique Community of Real Estate Investors

by Roberto Campolucci Bordi

Nest Equity is a company that forms part of the Asset Folio group, a full-service real estate company specialising in the luxury property market in Southern Spain. Asset Folio embodies the very essence of real estate investment, representing clients worldwide and offering a unique advisory approach to the industry.

Since its foundation, Asset Folio has regularly custom-sourced private equity opportunities for its clients looking for participation in the rapidly expanding and highly lucrative residential development sector.

Nest Equity is reacting to this demand and is developing a secure platform and modus operandi to grow our already established community of investors and match them to the very best residential investment opportunities in one of Europe’s hottest real estate markets.

Headed by Roberto Campolucci Bordi and with the full support of the Asset Folio infrastructure, Nest Equity has the knowledge, experience and reputation to deliver a comprehensive service to our community of investors.

Investors will be presented direct access to participate in the funding of individual, pre-vetted opportunities with a minimum investment of just €1,000.

Our focus will be on purchasing properties in key locations where we can add value through renovating them and then re-selling them back into the market for a profit; generating target returns of 8% to 12% for our investors.

Each opportunity will go through a rigorous screening process by our team of in-house experts and outside consultants to ensure it provides secure and viable returns for our members.

We are continually testing market conditions and looking for niche projects that match our investment criteria.

Our intuitive platform will make it hassle-free for investors to preview, participate and track their investments.

● Easy, stress-free armchair investing

● Returns that outperform most asset classes

● Entry levels considerably lower than traditional private equity opportunities

● Dedicated development management structures, controls and systems

● Benefit from Asset Folio’s unrivalled knowledge, expertise and network to access amazing deals

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